Meredith Sinclair (Educator) is mama to Callum (Dec. 2008), Eleanor (April 2011), Declan (June 2014), and Cora (April 2017) – all worn since birth. She became involved with her local babywearing group in early 2009 and led its transition to a Babywearing International (BWI) group in 2011. After serving BWI of the Triangle as a Volunteer Babywearing Educator (VBE) and co-leader for two years, she relocated to New Haven and co-founded BWI New Haven (which is now Babywearing Connecticut). In her non-babywearing hours, Meredith is an assistant professor of Secondary English Education at Southern Connecticut State University and active in issues of critical literacy, anti-racist pedagogy, and secondary teacher education. She is also involved in breastfeeding advocacy and education as a peer counselor for Breastfeeding USA’s Connecticut Chapter and as a member of the Breastfeeding USA Board of Directors.


Christa Wilson Earl (Volunteer) recently moved to Connecticut, and has enjoyed volunteering at the Westville meetings. A linguist with a career in language education and a pile of hobbies, she keeps busy working, hiking, biking, making things and music–wearing her little boy to make it all possible while simultaneously enjoying the snuggles.



Faren Tang (Volunteer) is mama to wonderful kid born in 2017, who she’s worn since birth. Though Faren has a special love for woven wraps, the older her kid gets the more she reaches for ring slings. Faren is a queer single mama by choice and is especially passionate about the value of babywearing to one-caregiver families. When she’s not babywearing (and sometimes when she is!), Faren can be found lawyering for reproductive justice.