Lending Library: Boba 3G

Boba 3G babywearing toddler wearing
A 2.5 year old in the Boba 3G.

In the market for a soft structured carrier (SSC)?  You might want to check out our latest library addition – the Boba 3G Carrier!  We’d like to thank Boba for their generous donation to our library!

The Boba 3G fits a wide range of wearers and kiddos and can support up to 45 pounds.  Boba recommends an infant be 12 pounds before going in the Boba 3G.  In a front carry, the straps are worn “reverse backpack” style (meaning they don’t cross behind you.  Back carries are possible for infants who are sitting independently.  The 3G also comes with a built in sleep hood, removable foot straps (to provide extra support for older children), and an adjustable chest clip.

Note:  Boba is now producing the 4G (you can check it out on their website) which has a few updated features including built in support for newborns.

Please join us at a meet up to try out this carrier and others in our growing offering of library carriers.  All of our library carriers are available to members for month-long check out as well!

Check back for more action shots of our Boba 3G soon.  If you have one you’d like to share with us, please let us know!

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